Successful Stewardship

Successful stewardship or land care means attending to the goals of the people on the land in ecological, economic and cultural considerations. Stewardship is not really very different from care of communities on the land so that the resilience of their ecosystem is safeguarded. An outstanding characteristic of stewardship or ecological land care is that it measures achievement, not just in terms of human amenities. Instead it measures achievement in terms of conserving the ecosystem processes that maintain our environment and that of all other living beings while pursuing the goals of the people on the land.


The keys to successful land and water stewardship will include several activities that together can be considered to engage people to the land and to their community. Understandable knowledge of natural systems needs to be made available widely. Experiential knowledge of the processes on the land will also be needed. To understand these two sets of knowledge in particular situations will require some thought and careful listening by all concerned. Possibly the most important of all activities will be the treatment of all comers with the consideration needed to allow their desires to be discussed as realistic alternatives.

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