Kennebec Lake –– the Nexus of Salmon Headwaters

All the upstream headwaters of the Salmon come together in Kennebec Lake. Kennebec truly is the nexus of the Salmon headwaters.


At the extreme eastern end of Kennebec, an extension of Crooked Creek joins tiny Cox Lake to Kennebec. Cox Lake receives Crooked Creek that flows south from the west end of Hungry Lake and its 3519 hectare (8695 acres) Conservation Reserve. That Reserve also receives inflow from Mink Lake, the northeastern headwater of the Salmon.


Flowing from the northwest area of The Kennebec Wetland Complex, Dead Creek also bring headwaters into Hungry. Those northwestern headwaters of the Salmon start their flow only a couple hundred metres south of Mazinaw Lake, the extreme west end of the Mississippi watershed. The beginning northwestern headwater of the Salmon is a trickle creek less than a metre wide.


That trickle flows through three small lakes that shape the landscape of the village of Cloyne. Hannah Lake, Benny’s Lake and Tawny Pond, were giant ice cubes when the glacier was melting. Caught in the outwash sand those landlocked icebergs formed the lake beds and melted slowly filling the lakes.


Further downstream, the outflow from Story Lake shapes the path of Beaver Creek. It crosses Road 41 several times and shapes the landscape of the village of Northbrook before it heads east through mixed forest. Beaver Creek shadows the north shore of Kennebec Lake until emptying into Kennebec Lake just west of Henderson Road.


There are several other small creeks flowing into Kennebec and some intermittent creeks. One of these flows into Kennebec’s west end marsh. That inflow starts far to the west in Kaladar at the intersection of Road 41 and Highway 7. Highway 7 acts as a dike forming the watershed boundary between the Salmon and Moira watersheds.


There are additional inflows into the Salmon along its downstream length but Kennebec Lake truly is the nexus of the Salmon headwaters.

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