Special Places in Canada: Natural Riches and Ecological Treasures

By Gray Merriam, Aileen Merriam and Jeff Amos


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We dedicate this book to Stan Rowe:  ecologist, philosopher, teacher, author and role model for many.

His informed insistence that ecology must be the study of all the interacting elements of the biosphere was, as Stan would say, “a step forward.”

A giant leap that all of mankind has yet to take but Stan’s contributions will keep reminding us that we must. We have tried to take his counsel.

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Map showing “Special Places” Visited

Chapter 1: Gulf of St. Lawrence

Chapter 2: Bay of Fundy

Chapter 3: Boreal Forest

Chapter 4: Crown of the Continent

Chapter 5: Tundra

Chapter 6: Peace-Athabasca Delta

Chapter 7: Greater Golden Horseshoe

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