“Merriam and Amos set themselves a huge challenge: to educate the public about the critical but rather intangible phenomena we call ecological processes. This requires a delicate balance between words and images, hard numbers and metaphors. Through Merriam’s unique prose and Amos’ haunting photographs, they succeed in conveying a sense of wonder about these processes. I strongly recommend this book to anyone, young or old, who wants to know more about ecosystems in order to interact more intelligently while on this planet.”

Professor Marc-André Villard,
Holder of the Canada Research Chair in Landscape Conservation, Université de Moncton

“As one who has had no formal training in matters of the environment, flora and fauna, and other things biological, I found the book to be a most entertaining presentation of some very complex subject matter in a fashion which was easy to absorb. It puts forth the facts of what we are doing to planet earth in a non-strident manner which allows the reader to see very quickly that we are going to have to modify our behaviour very soon if we wish life as we know it to continue.”

Cliff Maclean,
Financial Advisor and Stewardship Councillor