Gray Merriam, PhD, DSc is a retired professional ecologist. He is a past-president of the International Association for Landscape Ecology and holds international awards for ecological scholarship and research published in international scientific journals. He has spent significant time in most Canadian ecological regions, often on extended canoe trips photographing landscapes and wildlife. He lives on the Salmon River in eastern Ontario where he works as a pro bono consultant to volunteer groups engaged in land and watershed stewardship. In recognition of that work he has received a Pioneer Conservationist Award from the A.D. Latornell Conservation Symposium.

Aileen Merriam, BSc was educated in botany and scientific illustration. She has professional experience in nature interpretation and is still engaged in natural history and stewardship of lands and waters near her home. Aileen was botanist on Special Places field trips. She used her artistic talent in illustrations and the book's layout and also applied her skills as critic, editor and proof reader.

Jeff Amos, BSc is a professional photographer and creator of fine furniture. He was educated in ecology and is active in forest conservation and management in Nova Scotia. He has photographed many of Canada's ecological treasures and he places very high values on our natural riches. He lives on the south shore of Nova Scotia when he is not visiting Canada's special places.