Wetlands Slow Climate Change

The amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is the inescapable root of climate change. Anything affecting the rate of addition of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere is unquestionably related to climate change.


Wetlands affect the rate of addition of carbon to the atmosphere because wetlands put significant amounts of carbon into long-term storage. This carbon […]

Wetlands – the Kidneys of the Landscape

Wetlands trap nutrients from surface runoff and store those nutrients in organic matter and sediments. Much of this process is carried out by green plants taking up the nutrients as they grow. Later, dead plant matter, and dead animals that fed on the plants, all sink to the bottom of the wetlands and become part […]

Effects of Reservoir Impoundments

Beauty in Natural Processes

Beauty can be appreciated at different levels of organization from the very detailed to broad landscapes. In ecological systems this can mean from a particular insect or a particular bird to widespread processes such as the flow of energy into entire ecological systems.


The mechanisms that guide transformations of nutrients and flow of energy that are […]

Water Bees

Water Bees


At least two bee species depend on our aquatic plants.

One solitary bee, Dufourea novaeangliae depends on Pickerel Weed flowers for its supply of pollen. The bee forms pollen balls that are stored in a nest tunnel in sandy banks along with an egg. When the egg hatches, the larva will get a vital protein […]

Heads and Headwaters

We Live Lightly on the Land


Mid-morning there was a thump. Probably wet snow coming off the roof we agreed.

In the sunroom for a coffee I found some trinkets on the floor. Fallen from their window shelf. Strange.

I let our dog, Sila, out the sunroom door. She turned instantly and focused sharply. A grouse lay dead on the snow outside the […]

Wise Futures – Looking Both Ahead and Back

The “lake district” of eastern Ontario is anchored in the area north of the limestone plain, in the Canadian Shield, in Frontenac, Lennox and Addington and Hastings counties. This Lakeland has not been fully developed as “cottage country” and “retirement country”. But it will be! Are we ready for it?


Short-term problems and demands are stronger […]

Ecological Footprinting and Global Futures

Global Human Population


The United Nations World Food Program recorded for 2016-17 that 795 million people in developing countries did not have enough food and 12.9% of the populations of developing countries were undernourished. Starvation caused 45% of all children’s deaths – 3.1 million children died of starvation.


Clearly we are not feeding large numbers of people. […]


In 2001 a unanimous judgement by the Supreme Court of Canada gave municipalities an important role to play in environmental protection. That judgement gave municipalities both the power and the responsibility to protect local environments. The Supreme Court empowered municipalities to exceed, but not to lower, national norms for environmental protection.
The case that produced this […]